How to get Started?

If you are suffering with symptoms of anxiety, depression or having difficulty controlling your temper and managing your mental health you may benefit from a psychological approach to tackling your problems.

  • You can simply make an appointment online for a psychological assessment of your problems to help you decide if therapy is for you. Contact us to get started and book your first session. You will be asked to pay for each psychology consultation in advance when you confirm that you will be attending the appointment.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

You do not need to have a GP referral before you make your 1st appointment. However, Clinical Psychologists often work closely with other mental health professionals and you may feel more supported if your GP is aware that you are struggling with your mental health. In certain circumstances, and at times of crisis, it will be recommended that your GP be informed that you are struggling to cope.

A GP referral is likely to be required if you are being reimbursed for your psychology sessions by your health insurance provider.

Can I get reimbursed for my treatment?

Many mutuelles (French health insurance) now offer partial reimbursement for psychological treatment. This may be for a fixed and limited number of psychological sessions, or you may be able to reclaim a fixed amount of money back after each session. Please check with your mutuelle provider to see how much treatment you are covered for. You are likely to require a GP referral in order to benefit from a reimbursement from your mutuelle. You will be required to pay for each psychology consultation in advance, when you book that appointment and confirm that you will be attending it. You will then receive a receipt that you can use to support your claim for reimbursement.

  • Once you have a referral letter from your GP you can simply make an appointment for an assessment on the contact page. 

Making regular appointments.

After your initial assessment session, if you decide to start regular therapy sessions you can register for our Clients Area. Once registered, you can book and manage your sessions from your account page as well as pay for them conveniently, online.

Remember that you are always in control of your treatment and you can choose to stop treatment at any time.

Cancelling an appointment

Every effort should be made to attend the psychology sessions that you book. Holiday breaks and anticipated absences should be raised with as much notice as possible. However, when this is not possible therapy sessions can be cancelled by email with up to 24 hours notice and they will be rescheduled. In exceptional cases, due to unforeseen emergencies, cancellations of less than 24 hrs notice will also be rescheduled.

For absences or cancellations with less than 24 hrs notice the payment will not be reimbursable.

Confidentiality and data protection

You can be reassured that things said in psychology sessions, and any of your personal details that we hold, are regulated by established professional guidelines of confidentiality and ethical practice (in accordance with the British Psychological Society, equivalent French and European Professional bodies and current Data Protection law).

Contact us to get started and book your first session.